Isn’t it time we focused on good news?

Isn’t it time we focused on good news? by JOHN-HENRY WESTEN for Life Site News

On a call today, the LifeSite staff was talking about how things are getting depressing out there and how we’re going to bring you more good news. And there’s no better time to start than right now.

Yes, we’re going to continue to tell you about all the concerning things taking place in the world, but we’re also going to try to feature more of the heroes fighting the good fight, more of the inspiring people and happenings out there to boost your spirits.

Today on my podcast, I’ll be featuring solid bishops fighting the good fight, as well as Taylor Marshall’s amazing conversion story and a movie you should definitely check out.

One of my heroes that I wanted to start off with is one known to many of you at LifeSite. He’s an awesome priest who leads the daily rosary on LifeSite’s YouTube and Rumble channels, literally leading oftentimes 10,000 families per day in the LifeSite rosary. Fr. Anthony Pillari also runs the absolute best catechetical resource for children — the Our Lady of the Rosary catechism — a free online Catechism course we featured on this show some time ago. Click here to access that.

Fr. Pillari is very much an inspiration to me. A marine of a priest who loves the faith and gives life, his spiritual life, his all. He recently had a very bad fall on black ice. He broke five ribs and fractured three vertebrae. We had to cancel the LifeSite daily rosary for a few days because of his injury. But he is already praying it again, despite the pain, and for him likely the biggest pain is not being able to kneel down to pray the rosary. So, I ask you to pray for Fr. Pillari’s full and speedy recovery, but also to avail yourself of the daily rosary on LifeSite’s YouTube channel here and on our Catholic Rumble channel as well. .

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