Charismatic Preacher Says the Hour Is Too Late to Miss This Crucial Gospel Truth

Charismatic Preacher Says the Hour Is Too Late to Miss This Crucial Gospel Truth SHAWN A. AKERS for Charisma News

Michael Koulianos says the church doesn’t have the luxury in this critical hour to preach what it wants. There is only one message that must be emanating from our pulpits right now—and that’s Jesus.

Koulianos, the founder of Jesus Image, told a crowd in Tulsa, Oklahoma, recently as part of The Send’s 28 Nights of Worship in February that we would see a breakthrough in the kingdom and a huge harvest if we would only return to preaching Jesus.

“The Christian life is Christ himself,” Koulianos says. “Heaven is about Jesus. Prayer is about Jesus. The Bible is about Jesus. Worship is about Jesus. Church is the house of Jesus that we are invited into. And the kingdom, without the King, is dumb. Any theology that disconnects from the person becomes an idol.

“This thing is about Him,” he says. “When you meet Him, you lose your right to think the way you want. Because before Jesus is your home boy, He’s the King of glory, which means He can tell me what to do. If you haven’t heard this before, then you haven’t heard the gospel.

“Jesus is not a life coach,” Koulianos continues. “He is the Lord. And, His presence is immeasurable. In other words, you know when He shows up. The reason you know is because He’s a King. Whatever is less than Him must bow its knee—like sickness, sin, bondage, perversion, pride and stupid comments. It’s sad to spend three hours of your day trying to be right online, and the whole time you’re wrong. Can I tell you about Jesus? Jesus is the Father’s only sermon.”

Koulianos says the hour is just too late to gamble with the soul of others, much less your own. He says he’s seen it in far too many churches across the nation.

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