Twitter Locks – Focus on the Family Account – Over ‘Hateful’ Content

Twitter Locks – Focus on the Family Account – Over ‘Hateful’ Content By  for Faith Wire

Twitter locked an account associated with Focus on the Family last week, claiming the page posted “hateful” content about President Joe Biden’s nominee for assistant secretary of health.

Focus on the Family President Jim Daly explained in recent a blog post that Twitter locked the account for The Daily Citizen, an arm of the well-known Christian organization, after deleting a Jan. 19 tweet that described Dr. Rachel Levine, currently serving as Pennsylvania’s health secretary, as “a transgender woman, that is, a man who believes he is a woman.”

The offending tweet came the same day Biden officially nominated Levine, who, if confirmed, will become the first transgender person to serve in a presidential administration.

Daly argued it is now apparently “hateful” to simply note biological facts.

“There appears to be no room for convictional disagreement,” he wrote. “You will comply — or be silenced. The ‘cancel culture’ is barreling down the track like a runaway train on a mountain pass, threatening to run over anyone in its path.”

The Focus on the Family executive explained that he appealed the decision by Twitter, noting leaders at the faith-based company were “deeply puzzled as to why we’re not permitted to simply acknowledge the definition of what transgender women are — those born male who believe they are a woman.”

“We’ve asked Twitter to explain what was wrong with our wording and even asked them how we might describe Dr. Levine to their liking,” Daly wrote. “As of this writing, we haven’t heard back.”

The employees at Twitter ultimately denied Daly’s appeal.

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