Unraveling (Video)

Unraveling Video by Cory Asbury

Verse 1
I’m coming apart at the seams
Everyone’s pulling at me
And I am unraveling

Verse 2
This smile isn’t quite what it seems
But it does well to hide what’s beneath
Where the pressure is staggering

In the unraveling
Father, unravel me
When I can’t feel a thing
Have mercy and let me bleed
I know it’s dumb
But I have been numb
For way too long

Verse 3
So goodbye now yellow brick road
Thanks a lot, what I need is back home
So homeward I’m traveling

I don’t wanna be alone anymore
I don’t wanna survive anymore
I wanna feel, unravel me

Verse 3
I’m coming apart at the seams
It’s worse than I thought it would be
But I’ve never been happier

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