Judah Smith talks new Christian alternative to YouTube, The Faithful App (Video)

Judah Smith talks new Christian alternative to YouTube, The Faithful App Video by Jeannie Ortega

Why should people choose Faithful instead of YouTube? Pastor and author Judah Smith, popularly known as Justin Bieber’s pastor, responds that Faithful is a safe space.

“We found that 50% of Millennials are watching Christian content on YouTube and the experience at YouTube, obviously, is not tailor-made or curated for someone who’s living a faith-based lifestyle,” he says.

The app, created in partnership with the technology developer, Seventh Spark, is meant to encourage daily spiritual growth in the generation that many faith leaders say needs it most.

“We’re going to be that space in the world saying, ‘Hey, you can grow spiritually in just a couple minutes a day,'” Smith continues. “One of the first things that happens when you download the app is we’re going to ask the question, ‘How much time do you have?'”

Of the most prominent faith leaders featured on the app, Smith says the bar has been set high in light of the accounts of downfall in the church during 2020 alone.

“We’ve tried to be really diligent in our roster to have people that are people of integrity, people who understand hermeneutics and how to study their Bible,” Smith insists. “I think you’re going to find there’s a really sound, good Bible teaching that can really help us grow just a few minutes every single day.”

Faithful is available now on the App Store and Google Play. A paid subscription option is also available for $9.99 monthly.

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