Evidence That God is Watching Us

Evidence That God is Watching Us by Myra Kahn Adams for Town Hall

Anyone who doesn’t believe that God is watching us, keep reading. What I am about to tell you is miraculous and true. I am calling this a “Quick Compelling Bible Study Miracle.”

The first piece of evidence is Vol. 42: “New Year’s Resolution From God to You.” (If you read the Jan. 3 study, then you are a witness.)

Vol. 42 was the first Bible Study to involve husband David. That happened after he told me about his commitment to the verse, He must increase, but I must decrease (John 3:30).

Upon hearing his explanation, I decided the verse along with David’s reasoning would be my next Bible study topic. But he pushed back. Only when I told him that I would write the study as a “new year’s resolution from which others would benefit” did David reluctantly agree. If you read what my husband said in Vol. 42, it is obvious why he needed coaxing because it was personal in nature.

Six days after the study was posted, from the back of our condo, I hear David repeatedly yelling, “You are not going to believe this!” He proceeded to show me the Jan. 9 entry in his daily devotional booklet, “One Bread, One Body.” The “verse of the day” is, “He must increase, but I must decrease.” What a “timely and Godly confirmation of our Bible Study,” I said to David. Then he pointedly said, “look at the last line.” The last line is the second piece of evidence for our first “Bible Study Miracle.” It reads:

“Praise: David increased the daily Masses he attended and then began to spend hours weekly in adoration. He received great joy and peace in the process.”

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