RESILIENCE: Here’s How Prepping HAS to Change

RESILIENCE: Here’s How Prepping HAS to Change by Daisy Luther for The Organic Prepper

For as long as I’ve been involved in preparedness, it’s revolved around a combination of skills and stuff – but mostly stuff. Go to just about any website, including my own, and you’ll see gear reviews, cupboards full of food, flashlights, generators, and all sorts of…well…stuff.

But prepping has to change. No longer can we focus just on the “stuff” aspect, amassing things for our stockpiles and expecting that to save us. Instead, our focus should be on building the resilience we need to weather the unexpected. Because let’s face it – the future is looking anything but predictable.

Preparedness is entering a new era and if you want to be ready, you’re going to need to adapt. All of the things I’m going to talk about here have been mentioned in the past, but now they take on an entirely different level of importance.

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Why is preparedness changing?

Lately, anyone who has turned on the news or opened a news website has been hit with a barrage of news that we never would have dreamed possible even a year ago. Cancel culture is in overdrive, a new administration is taking power, and innocent activities like stocking up on some extra cans of creamed corn are enough to make someone, somewhere point and wail, “Hoarder!”

While I will not delve into the politics of this, I think we are at a point at which the potential for civil war is increasingly high. Tempers are flaring and the media is busily fanning the flames.

Add to this the pandemic and subsequent restrictions. This has caused economic devastation for many families who can now barely afford this month’s bills, much less fund a stockpile run to Costco. And, there’s less to buy as our supply chain continues to devolve.

Over the past year, we’ve learned that bad things can really happen anywhere and that no society is above a collapse, especially when certain people are using a crisis to benefit themselves. We’ve watched some of the same events that led up to the collapse of Venezuela happen right here in the United States.

So, things look a whole lot different now than they did previously, making the following suggestions of the utmost importance.

Knowledge is something nobody can take from you.

No matter what happens to your carefully chosen supplies, regardless of where yourself when all hell breaks loose, and whether or not you plan to hunker down and make your stand, the importance of knowledge cannot be overstated.

Learning skills and retaining important information are two ways that anyone, on any budget, can become better prepared. Several of us have written about this topic. Learn more in the following articles.

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