Top 7 reasons why people are testing positive for covid-19 after vaccinations

Top 7 reasons why people are testing positive for covid-19 after vaccinations by:  for Natural News

Over a million Israelis have already received the first dose of the Pfizer/BioNTech mRNA vaccine. Despite the grand promise of vaccination, health officials have already identified 240 vaccinated Israelis who were later diagnosed with covid-19. These people exhibited various symptoms of illness. There are several explanations for this medical error. Many of the reasons have already been documented by the drug companies in clinical trials or have been explained by former drug company executives.

Why do people get sick after vaccination?

Some reasons include:


First, the study design for Pfizer/BioNTech was fraudulently created to boost vaccine efficacy. By using high cycle threshold PCR tests (that generate up to 97 percent false positives) and by failing to confirm actual infection using the Sanger sequencing method, the study design failed to measure whether the vaccine had any effect at all on blocking virus transmission or halting viral replication compared to controls.

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The second explanation is based on the same premise of false positive diagnoses. Most of the 240 covid-19 diagnoses that were observed post vaccination could be false positives themselves, depending on the number of cycles used in the PCR tests. Most states are not requiring labs to report the number of threshold cycles used. The ideal number is seventeen cycles, yet test kits continue to use amplification cycles 34 or greater. This lack of transparency causes false diagnosis, as vague symptoms of illness are misclassified as SARS-CoV-2 (which is a more severe form of respiratory illness that attacks the lungs.) Many of the vaccinated individuals could be developing greater protection against coronavirus spike proteins, but are still getting sick to other, similar virus infections, nonetheless, only to turn up false positives when they are tested later on. The test kits do not determine viral load and are therefore pointless for surveillance.


The third explanation is that the vaccinated individuals are getting sick because the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine admittedly does not stop the transmission of the virus or protect anyone against it. The vaccine’s so-called efficacy is based on the reduction of symptoms, compared to those who get severely ill from the SARS-CoV-2 virus infection. The vaccinated individuals may still become infected, but they may be more apt to experience less severe symptoms. This is a critical deviation from the science of vaccination most people have learned to trust. This is because these vaccines are not vaccines at all. They are experimental mRNA technology platforms.


The fourth explanation for vaccinated people getting sick is that the mRNA is being destroyed by the patient’s immune system before it penetrates the recipient’s cells. This is one of the challenges of the mRNA platform that scientists have warned about. If the mRNA is attacked before the RNA fragments are encoded into the ribosomes of the cell, no immune process will be initiated as intended. This is why the mRNA is coated in polyethylene glycol (PEG), so it can penetrate into the body. This represents the fifth problem that could be occurring.


The fifth explanation for waning immunity in vaccinated individuals is the prevalence of PEG, which can cause human immune systems to overreact, leading to the development of anti-PEG antibodies that ultimately weaken the vaccine’s efficacy. These vaccines are not effective for people who already have auto antibodies to PEG and may incite allergic reactions.


The sixth explanation for waning immunity in vaccinated individuals is that the vaccines do not confer immunity for very long. This is why the drug companies are starting with two doses in their experimental first release of the vaccine. They warn that the first does is not enough and only confers “50 percent immunity.” Even after the second dose, immunity is not guaranteed. In fact, phase two clinical trials show that the immunity wanes in as little as two months, rending the vaccine pointless. In order to stay consistent with the science, vaccine recipients may be made dependent on the mRNA software program and be required to get up to six shots of the vaccine each year.


The seventh explanation for sickness post vaccination is that the vaccine causes symptoms of illness in previously healthy people. In fact, the FDA has listed twenty-six severe and life-altering adverse events that may occur after people receive these vaccines. According to phase three clinical trials, the prevalence of vaccine injury increased significantly with the second dose. There have already been thousands of reported adverse events from the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccines, with more to come.

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