Evangelical Leaders ‘Wittingly Propagated Lies’ about 2020 Election, Wheaton Faculty Say in Statement

Evangelical Leaders ‘Wittingly Propagated Lies’ about 2020 Election, Wheaton Faculty Say in Statement by Michael Foust for Christian Headline News

GNN Note – Is this part of what John of Patmos discussed in Revelation 17? The churches laying down with the woman riding the beast that seduces the nations? /END

More than 225 members of the Wheaton College faculty and staff have signed a statement condemning the “wicked leadership” of President Trump and also criticizing evangelical leaders who – the statement says – “wittingly propagated lies” about the 2020 election.

The statement, which addresses last week’s mob attack on the capitol building but also the controversy surrounding the election results, has been signed by 231 current and emeritus faculty and staff.

Wheaton College, located in Wheaton, Ill., is one of the most prominent and influential evangelical schools in the United States. Notable alumni include Billy Graham and Jim Elliot.

“The January 6 attack on the Capitol was characterized not only by vicious lies, deplorable violence, white supremacy, white nationalism, and wicked leadership – especially by President Trump – but also by idolatrous and blasphemous abuses of Christian symbols,” the statement says. “The behaviors that many participants celebrated in Jesus’ name bear absolutely no resemblance to the Christian teachings or ethics that we submit to as faculty and staff of Wheaton College.”

The statement also criticizes Christian leaders for their public statements about the election in recent weeks as President Trump was alleging the results were “rigged.” Their comments – the statement says – helped lead to the attack on the capitol.

“In the days and weeks preceding January 6, many more leaders, including many evangelical leaders, could have spoken truth to the disillusioned supporters of President Trump – diminishing the prospects for violence and bolstering the witness of Christian love and the call for justice in our civic life. Some did,” the statement says. “However, many wittingly propagated lies, or were unduly silent in a just cause. Our Christian faith demands greater courage.”

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