Report: Ted Cruz Has Something Big Up His Sleeve for Electoral College Vote

Report: Ted Cruz Has Something Big Up His Sleeve for Electoral College Vote By Jack Davis for Western Journal

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Anyone wondering when the fireworks will begin Wednesday when a joint session of Congress meets to certify the Electoral College vote will not have long to wait.

According to accounts published by The Hill and The Washington Post, Republican Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas will file his much-heralded objection when it comes time to certify the results for Arizona. Results are certified by state going in alphabetical order, which puts Arizona third.

The Post said Cruz will be joined by Rep. Andy Biggs of Arizona in objecting to the state’s results. Congressional rules require that in order for there to be a debate on objections, there has to be a member of the House and one from the Senate filing objections.

Although plans remained fluid on Tuesday, media accounts said Republican Sen. Kelly Loeffler of Georgia would be objecting to the results in her state, while Republican Sen. Josh Hawley of Missouri will be objecting to the results in Pennsylvania.

The objections trigger a debate period in which each house of Congress will consider the objections.

Although a vote will be held on whether to sustain the objections, that’s considered mostly a formality because Democrats control the House and many Republican senators who are part of that chamber’s majority have already gone on record as saying they will not support objections to the Electoral College vote.

Cruz will have the backing of at least 10 other GOP senators.

“I’m confident we’ll get 12” Republican senators, Cruz told radio host Mark Levin on Monday, saying his group could grow even larger.

Cruz said he will not argue to directly overturn the results of the election.

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