‘The Fraud Has Been Institutionalized’: Inside The Partisan GOTV Efforts In Indian Country

‘The Fraud Has Been Institutionalized’: Inside The Partisan GOTV Efforts In Indian Country By   for The Federalist

Illegal electioneering and ballot harvesting by supposedly nonpartisan groups reached new heights in this election.

Last week, I reported on a coordinated and completely illegal votes-for-cash scheme in tribal areas of Nevada, spearheaded by a group called the Nevada Native Vote Project, which is part of a larger effort called Native Vote funded by the National Congress of American Indians, or NCAI.

Under the guise of a get-out-the-vote campaign, these nonprofit groups were bribing tribal members to vote, offering them gift cards, electronics, and other “prizes” in exchange for proof that they voted. They documented these efforts through their own social media channels, either unaware or unconcerned that what they were doing directly violates federal election laws.

But it turns out the Nevada Native Vote Project is just one of many supposedly nonpartisan organizations engaged in vote-bribing and illegal electioneering, all under the thin guise of GOTV campaigns. Similar efforts in as many as a half-dozen other states, including every major battleground state, were undertaken by groups that worked hand in hand with the Joe Biden campaign to deliver votes for Democrats.

These GOTV Campaigns Are Openly Partisan

One of these groups is called Radicalize the Vote, a “GOTV campaign, led by indigenous womxn, that is building a unique, centralized indigenous registration list to get out the vote in record number during the COVID-10.” The campaign is a partnership between NCAI-funded Native Vote and an organization called Seeding Sovereignty, which describes itself as “an Indigenous-led collective,” that “works to radicalize and disrupt colonized spaces through land, body, and food sovereignty work, community building, and cultural preservation.” Seeding Sovereignty and Radicalize the Vote appear to share staff.

Although claiming to be a nonpartisan group, Radicalize the Vote was remarkably open about its opposition to President Trump, posting a photo on its official Instagram page that read: “Every Trump sign is a desperate plea for toxic white supremacy to be seen and validated. It should remind you how fragile and threatened colonizers feel knowing their beliefs are dying an unremarkable and pitiful death.”

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