Expectation Frustration | Matthew 11:1-19 (Video)

Expectation Frustration | Matthew 11:1-19 Videot by Pastor Gary Hamrick for Cornerstone Chapel Leesburg VA

Many times in life we get disappointed when things don’t go according to what we had expected. When that happens with God—when He doesn’t do what we had hoped or expected—it can lead to a frustration with God. In Matthew 11 we see this happening with John the Baptist when he finds himself in prison and God seemingly ignoring his situation. John begins to question whether Jesus really is the Messiah. Have you ever struggled with frustration or discouragement because God didn’t do what you had hoped He would do? It’s not uncommon. And God can handle our discouragement. In fact, He is the One who can help us through it. Follow along with Pastor Gary in today’s Bible study entitled, “Expectation Frustration.”

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