4 Steps To Situational Awareness

4 Steps To Situational Awareness by  for Modern Survival Blog

Situational Awareness is increasingly important. We live in a HIGHLY DIVIDED nation. The social chaos began long ago. It will accelerate. Sadly, peace is not in our future. None of us are immune to the possibility of encounter. It can happen suddenly and without warning. UNLESS… you are situation aware.

Situational Awareness sounds simple enough — being aware of your surroundings. But it is non-existent form most people… Knowing what’s going on around you. Identifying potential threats, criminal behavior, and dangerous situations.

I once read the statement, “Situational awareness is more of a mindset than a skill”. I couldn’t agree more. It can be practiced by ANYONE with the will and the discipline to do so.

If you are one of those who would like to become more situation-aware, here are four steps to get you there:

Recognize That Threats Really Do Exist

At the very core is accepting and recognizing that threats really do exist – even within your bubble. They may exist within your proximity during your day-to-day travels and routines. Unfortunately many people are afflicted with normalcy bias. Most have little consideration for their own security while living in their cocoon of perceived safety. What they don’t know is that it (their perception of security) is a very thin veneer. A false sense of security can be consequential…

Take Responsibility For Your Own Security

The police, are not everywhere. YOU are the first line of defense. Responsibility. Remember this, “When seconds count, the police are just minutes away”. You would be LUCKY if they arrived in minutes. Likely much longer. You need to look out for yourself, and not succumb to a mindset that someone else will be there to protect you.

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