The Pope Is Wrong; Jesus Is Right

The Pope Is Wrong; Jesus Is Right by JIM GARLOW for Charisma News

Pope Francis, 83, endorsed civil unions for same-sex couples in a 2019 interview with Mexican broadcaster Televisa. The never-before-seen clips were aired last week in the new documentary Francesco.

Let me cut to the chase. The pope is wrong. Jesus is right.

In Matthew 19, Jesus quoted Genesis and defined the nature of the “one flesh” relationship. Two men can’t do that. Two women can’t do that, based on a look at the Hebrew words used. Jesus wasn’t calling for “civil unions.” Jesus was affirming holy, sacred marriage. Sexual actions between people of the same sex are morally wrong. An ecclesiastical leader has no authority to call right what God labels an abomination.

Previous Popes Were Right

The pope is wrong. Previous popes were right.

The most spectacular teaching on the human body and sexuality came from 129 Wednesday lectures by Pope John II between Sept. 5, 1979, and Nov. 28, 1984, titled “The Redemption of the Body and Sacramentality of Marriage,” but better known as “Theology of the Body.”

To my knowledge, there is no comparable teaching as exhaustive on the topic anywhere in Protestantism. It is quite stunning. Imagine preaching a sermon series that is 129 weeks long.

Christopher West, a lay Catholic theologian, picked up on these talks and began lecturing on the theme. He wrote a book by the same title, Theology of the Body.

West and I became friends, and he once asked me if I might want to take the book, “de-Catholicize it,” add distinctly evangelical Protestant language and rerelease it together. I never accomplished that.

Let me be blunt. Pope Francis needs to go back and read what Pope John Paul II taught. He would learn something.

He Was Previously Right

The current Pope Francis is wrong. The old Pope Francis was right. Let me explain.

My wife and I were invited to the Vatican in November 2014 along with 300 others—both Catholics and protestants—as well as those from other religions.

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