TIME TO FIGHT BACK: Michael Matt (Video)

TIME TO FIGHT BACK: Michael Matt Video from the Remnant

The Second Wave is here. The Great Reset is on. Pope Francis goes all in on Communist China and the U.N.’s Agenda 2030.

The one and only Catholic conference of 2020 brings together powerful voices from all over the world to answer the question: What now?

Michael Matt hosts the Catholic Identity Conference, which is not going to let COVID shut us down.

Join the Conference via LIVE VIDEO FEED.

– Vigano’s first on-camera appearance since going into hiding.

– Bishop Schneider on the New World Order.

– China expert and Fox News contributor Steve Mosher.

-Mystery Guest who’s right at the center of the Hunter Biden scandal.

Plus, Matt, Ferrara, Mosher, Kwasniewski, Rao, Yore and so many more.

The noose is tightening and this conference will be the launching pad for a new Catholic communications network that will defy Big Tech.

Join us and let’s unite the clans on the eve of the diabolical new normal, aka the New World Order.

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