Trump’s Character Is Not The Issue – Why I Can’t Take the Character Charge Seriously

Trump’s Character Is Not The Issue – Why I Can’t Take the Character Charge Seriously for Shane Idleman


It leaves many people confused when some Christians denounce Trump and elevate Biden. Their reasoning goes something like this: “How can you vote for Trump based on his character?” But the real question we should be asking is, “What direction is the country heading spiritually speaking? For now, I’ll address the character question.

Obviously, character is important, but, if a man has decent character according to some, yet believes in infanticide and in euthanizing the diasabled, do we look at his character over his policies? Of course not. God doesn’t judge a nation based on the character of one man, but He may judge it based on the spiritual health of her people. Policy often speaks louder than character (although ideally, they should match).

The President is hated, not because of his character, but because of what he stands for. He is a disruptive force. If the abortion industry, George Soros, most of the media, ANTIFA, and Hollywood are on your side, are you sure that you’re on the right side?

I don’t want to hear about someone’s “character” when they think it’s okay to kill a child, even at nine months, and they reject the “born-alive” bill that allows a child to die after a failed abortion. I’m not concerned with nice tweets when they promote real hate, support sexual perversion, and want to burn down our cities . . . and on and on it goes. What about the last administration who thought it was fine to allow grown men to use restrooms with girls? This is why I can’t take the character charge seriously; there is too much hypocrisy.

The media is targeting his character because it’s all they have. One fake narrative is that the President is a racist. For example, when he said, “I’m not talking about neo-Nazi and white nationalists; they should be condemned totally,” the media turned “they should be condemned totally” into “they are very fine people.” What about the media’s character—what makes lying and manipulating ok?

Many, from Herschel Walker to Ben Carson and Kayne West—and also activists such as Clarence Henderson and Bishop Harry Jackson—all know that he is not a racist. As a matter of historical fact, people like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson never said he was a racist until he became the Republican nominee. However, Joe Biden was friends with segregationists and supported the busing of blacks. He called black people “super-predators” and wanted to lock them up in the 1990s via the Crime Bill.

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