Trusting God is good, even when life isn’t

Trusting God is good, even when life isn’t by Niki Hardy  for Christian Today

If you’re anything like me, you desperately want to trust God. You know you should trust Him with everything and more than anything right now, you need to trust Him. But when the rubber hits the road and you get the call from the doctor, discover your teen is cutting, or your brain’s spinning with worry, it never turns out to be as easy as it seems.

Our brains question the logic of how God can be good, even when life isn’t.

We long to be able to cast our burdens onto him, knowing he cares for us (1 Peter 5:7) and travel through life anxiety-free, confident He’s got it and won’t let us down.

But, especially in a year like this one, it doesn’t seem to work like that and we’re left trying to go it alone with God along for the ride, beaten down by the idea that if life is unpredictable and unreliable, God must be too.

After I lost both my mum and sister to cancer I was diagnosed and, as you can imagine, both my life and faith were shaken. When everything had been all rainbows and butterflies, I’d always planned to trust God no matter what, but with the family heat-seeking missile of death apparently locked in on me, it wasn’t as easy as I’d assumed.

And here’s why.

The bad news is our brains are working against us, eroding our trust in God.

The good news is we can fix it, making trusting Him easier than ever.

Here’s why our brain’s are working against us:

I remember exactly where I was standing and the way my six-year-old heart crumpled when my first grade teacher called me a liar in front of the class. She didn’t believe my “news time” story and announced to the class that it wasn’t good to tell tall stories.

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