‘Obedience training’: Leading Fox News host Tucker Carlson condemns mask mandates

‘Obedience training’: Leading Fox News host Tucker Carlson condemns mask mandates By Michael Haynes for Life Site News

‘They are framing obedience to these things as a matter of morality, and the media is totally fine with that.’

Fox News host Tucker Carlson issued a scathing attack October 6 on the irrational manner in which state governors and other authorities mandate face masks. Warning that avoiding wearing a mask has become akin to being immoral, he declared, “This isn’t science. This is medieval superstition.”

Commenting on President Trump’s message of hope prior to leaving the Walter Reed Medical Center on Monday, Carlson noted that encouraging hope is precisely what the mainstream media wish to avoid. “But for the people whose power derives from our fear, it was a threat. They need you to be afraid, perpetually; otherwise, you won’t obey them.”

Carlson continued by mocking widespread liberal attacks on the president in light of his message of encouragement to the nation: “this is what peak hysteria must look like.”

Noting leftists’ horror when they saw Trump remove his face mask in the White House, Carlson said refraining from wearing a face mask has effectively become a heinous act or moral crime. “Taking your mask off effectively is questioning corona theology, and anyone who does that has committed an act of spiritual obscenity.”

Carlson carefully pointed out the hypocrisy of journalists and politicians. Some have called for masks to be worn and criticized Trump for not wearing one, but they have been seen without masks themselves. Carlson reminded his viewers that Chris Cuomo of CNN, who criticized Trump for removing his mask at the White House, was filmed cycling outside his house without a mask, while allegedly infected with COVID-19. “So it turns out Chris Cuomo doesn’t think he should have to wear a mask outside.”

In referencing a similar example of Rep. Nancy Pelosi violating her own public demands for mask-wearing, Carlson noted that “all of us are prisoners of their vanity.”

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