Why the Enemy Trembles When Believers Reject This Clever Device

Why the Enemy Trembles When Believers Reject This Clever Device by MICHAEL LOMBARDO for Charisma News

Fear is one of the enemy’s biggest weapons against the child of God. The devil knows that if he can fill us with fear, he can paralyze us from action.

Fear muzzles our mouths from sharing the gospel, causes us to respond with a “no” to God when He asks us to step out in faith and keeps us from using our God-given gifts and anointings for His glory.

There are so many different kinds of fear that affect believers, like fear of rejection, fear of failure, fear of lack and many more. As children of God, we know to remember who we are and whose we are so we can stand in faith against the devil’s lies and march valiantly into our destinies, raising high our King.

God has given us spiritual weapons to overcome the spirit of fear in our lives. On this episode of Awaken Podcast on the Charisma Podcast Network, Michael Lombardo speaks with author and minister Krissy Nelson about how she overcame fear and how she continues to overcome fear on a daily basis through Christ.

As ministers of the gospel we like to share our triumph stories, but it’s also important to share our vulnerable stories, and Krissy does an amazing job at that on this show. She breaks open the story of King David and how God used a rejected and cast-aside shepherd boy to defeat Goliath when all the other mighty warriors fell victim to the spirit of fear. There are biblical tools we as believers have access to that will help us overcome fear and walk in radical faith.

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