Here’s Why Biogas May Be the Best Fuel for Preppers

Here’s Why Biogas May Be the Best Fuel for Preppers by J.G. Martinez for The Organic Prepper

GNN Note – A couple of things I have read on multiple articles regarding biogas is the need for an older engine, preferably one still using a carburetor instead of fuel injection. Easier to keep clean and doesn’t clog the system as quickly. #END

With the current situation in Venezuela, the people there may have to start looking for ways to get the fuel they need. Maybe it’s time they consider other alternatives, like Biogas. With a decent amount of knowledge and a few supplies to build a basic setup some of them could have biogas quicker than they could get fuel from the stations!

Previously in my other articles, I mentioned the advantages of diesel and Biogas. More precisely, Methane CH4, as Biogas varies in its composition depending on some other gas compounds. In this article, we will look closely at the biogas option.

Resource diversification: the many uses of Biogas

Disclaimer: I have no first-hand experience using Biogas in my engines.

Diesel was an excellent choice until I found out the refinery producing it seems to be in trouble. Once I find a suitable fuel for the challenging years ahead in Venezuela, I will cover that in an article. I may even make a poll in my small town to overview how many people are aware of alternative fuels. I’m seriously considering a mixture because diesel still can be found in Venezuela, even though it is scarce. Using Biogas for an engine is not the same as merely burning it in your stove while cooking stew.

Biogas can be used in small diesel engines but needs special treatment to remove all of the water and other compounds. You can read about running a diesel engine on biogas documented here. In this article, “Running a Diesel Engine on Biogas,” the author shares the real lessons he learned running trials with limited resources.

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