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The Love of God Podcast by Pastor John MacArthur for Grace to You

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At first glance, a subject like the love of God may seem somewhat simple and easy to grasp, but upon greater reflection, as we have learned, it is profound and far-reaching and inexplicable and inscrutable at some points. We find ourselves at such a point in the discussion in this our last message. And I want to draw your attention to the ninth chapter of Paul’s letter to the Romans, Romans chapter 9, as we conclude our series on the love of God.

Many people think that because God is love and He is, the Bible says so, and they think that because God loves the world so much that He gave His only begotten Son to be the Savior of the world that therefore God must love every person in the world with the same kind of love and to the same degree and with the same purpose in mind. But that is not the case as Scripture makes very clear.

We have already learned two propositions. One is that God’s love to the world is unlimited in extent. That is true, He does love the world. He loves them enough to be good to them. That’s common grace. He loves them enough to feel pity and compassion over them. He loves them enough to warn them about sin and its consequences. And He loves them enough that the gospel should be preached to all of them. So in that sense God’s love is unlimited in its extent, it does reach the whole world.

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