Knowing the Faithfulness of Christ in All of Life

Knowing the Faithfulness of Christ in All of Life By Glenna Marshall via Servants of Grace


You can track everything these days. Calories, steps, BMI, books you’ve read (down to the page number), hours of screen time, hours of productivity, REM cycles of sleep, Instagram likes, and anything else you never cared to know before technology enabled us to become obsessed about our output, performance, and achievements. If our inherent value is in our imago Dei, how did our days become important only if we achieved our goals (or surpassed someone else’s)?

Our culture values instant, recognizable results. We enjoy before and after pictures of weight loss or makeovers. We admire rags-to-riches and uneducated-to-Ivy-League stories. We want to see people “be all that you can be” and then a little extra. We love to watch people improve, but only if the results are quick, measurable, and easily reproducible. If we can track it, improve it, and display it, then it must be worth our pursuit.

But spiritual growth isn’t like that. We can’t track it with an app, measure it for robustness, or display it with a graph to show others how we’ve improved. Our goal in the Christian life isn’t measurable results or instantaneous growth. The Lord never requires us to be successful. What he does require is faithfulness. Ordinary, unremarkable, love-Jesus-every-day faithfulness.

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Spiritual growth is proof that we’ve “tasted that the Lord is good” (1 Pet. 2:3), and it grows over days, months, and years of seeking Christ daily. If we really know him and belong to him, we will labor to know him better through his word, prayer, and the gift of the church. And when we know him better, we will become more like him.


Peter tells us that God has given us everything we need for life and godliness. You don’t need a tracking app or expensive software. You don’t need a college degree or a six-figure paycheck. You have everything you need in Christ to become more like him.

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