The Overlooked Necessity Of Self Care

The Overlooked Necessity Of Self Care By Sara Tipton for Natural Blaze

During times of crisis, stress, and uncertainty, we tend to forget that we should be taking care of ourselves too. Putting your kids, spouse, and pets welfare before yourself is common, but we all need to take the time to make sure we are mentally prepared to care for others.

Self-care is not selfish, or indulgent. It’s necessary especially as the stress compounds. It’s hard to take care of others if we cannot even take care of ourselves.  Because of that, we’ve compiled a few easy ways that you can take care of yourself as things in life continue to progress.

1. Slow Down – This may seem crazy, and impossible. But it’s not. Instead of getting up late after hitting the snooze button and feeling rushed to get the kids to school, the bus, or start your day, get on a slower schedule. Wake up at the same time and go to bed at the same time every night. I am in bed before 8:30 pm, my kids go to bed at 8 pm and that doesn’t change even in the summer when it’s still light out at 8. Doing this will give yourself extra alone time. I like my alone time in the morning, so I get up at 4:45 am when the alarm (which is classical music) goes off. This time before everyone gets up is used to just center myself and get ready mentally for my day. I love grabbing a cup of coffee, my blanket, and enjoying both in the cool and quiet before the house wakes up.

2.Disconnect from your Screens – One of the best decisions I made during the height of the coronavirus pandemic panic and fear was turning off my TV. Instead of watching news and commercials all pushing the narrative about this virus all the time, I would go outside and pull weeds in my garden. I would go for a long walk with the kids. I would throw sticks for the dogs or sit outside and literally watch the clouds go behind the mountains. I recognized that my phone and the TV were stressing me out and I simply needed to reject screen time to feel better. Oddly enough, my TV has been off since the end of May and I haven’t missed it. I have also been leaving my phone in the house when I go outside to give me a real chance to connect with nature and not be influenced by a screen.

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