Hakeem Collins: Rely on God’s Supernatural Power for Your Breakthrough

Hakeem Collins: Rely on God’s Supernatural Power for Your Breakthrough by ANGELA DONADIO for Charisma News

A series of God-encounters served as defining moments to lead Dr. Hakeem Collins from prison to a prophetic ministry.

A sought-after transformational leader, he is known as a revolutionary thinker with a supernatural ministry. He is the author of several books, including his latest release, 10 Prayer Secrets: Supernatural Power for Your Breakthrough.

The founder of Champions International, Dr. Collins holds an earned master’s degree in Christian leadership and two honorary doctorates in philosophy and divinity. Connect with Dr. Collins on social media and find his resources at hakeemcollinsministries.com. And tune into this episode of Make Life Matter with Angela Donadio on the Charisma Podcast Network.

“We are in a reset. Why do we see all this going on now? It’s because awakening and change and revival is on the way.”

I asked Dr. Collins what he felt God is saying to the church right now. His prophetic word is a prescription for revival.

“I believe there are some areas God is awakening His church to pray like never before; to see revival in this Ezekiel moment. It’s to prophesy—that was the solution for revival. What did God tell Ezekiel? Prophesy. God knew that the bones could live, but He needed the breath, the ruach. So the breath is in the church, the body of Christ, that holds the breath of God in our nostrils and the Word of God in our mouth to release revival and awakening and a reformation. There are three things God began to speak to me very prophetically about this:

—”This is a time of repentance for the body of Christ at large. Whether it’s racial hate, or all these things in our heart, we have to resolve that, we have to get that together and bring healing. We must repent because there is a shift that is coming. When we repent, God wants to heal our land. There is healing about to release if those who are called by His name will humble themselves and seek His face and turn from their wicked ways. He will hear from heaven and forgive us and heal our land. Repentance is a turning for the church, but the world needs to come to Jesus. I believe that’s what’s happening.

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