71% of churches meeting for in-person worship, study finds

71% of churches meeting for in-person worship, study finds – The Washington Times

GNN Note – My wife and I have been attending church, in person, since Pentecost Sunday. We will never, ever  not attend church in person again, even if we have to start a house church. Worship, in the way we believe, and peaceful assembly are God given Rights, not state mandated freedoms. Big, big difference in these two lines of thought and realities.


For most U.S. congregations, in-person worship has returned to mid-March levels despite a nationwide rise in coronavirus cases, a new report says.

A study from LifeWay Research, a publishing arm of the Southern Baptist Convention, found 71% of churches led by mainline Protestant or evangelical ministers met for in-person worship as recently as July 19.

On March 15, 95% of U.S. churches were meeting in-person as the coronavirus seeped its way into the Pacific Northwest and New York City.

It’s a striking rise since the middle of April, when only 4% of churches were meeting for in-person services.

Still, the numbers, published Friday, come as coronavirus surges across the country: On Monday, the pastor of a north Alabama Baptist church said more than 40 congregants, including himself, tested positive for COVID-19 after holding in-person services over several days last week.

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