Michelle Malkin: Mike Adams: Doer of the Word

Michelle Malkin: Mike Adams: Doer of the Word By Michelle Malkin for CNS News

Michael Scott “Mike” Adams was a brilliant professor of criminology at the University of North Carolina-Wilmington. He was an unapologetic conservative who wrote prolifically and fought valiantly against the forces of political correctness and pure evil. He advocated with unbridled passion on behalf of the unborn. He trained his sharp tongue and prolific pen on radical feminists, campus liberals, racial demagogues, domestic terrorists, and tyrants for more than two decades.

Adams taught and led by example.

In his books, columns, and speeches across the country, he spoke truths — and he embraced The Truth. He died tragically and unexpectedly last weekend. The conservative movement and America the beautiful are worse off without his bright and unrelenting light.

News stories revealed that the 55-year-old academic and author was found dead of a reported gunshot wound on July 23 in his home in North Carolina. A worried neighbor had called police after receiving no responses from him for several days, during which he reportedly had been “stressed” and acting in an “erratic” manner. The best way I can honor him is to commemorate how he lived, not how he died.

Adams was a convert to Christianity who was a “doer of the word,” as James 1:22 counsels us to be, and not just a “hearer.” As a family obituary put it, “after seeing the mistreatment of prisoners while doing criminology research in a South American prison, Mike realized that there must be an objective standard of good by which we could make sense of evil and injustice. This helped lead him to Christianity, which dramatically changed his outlook.” For 12 years, he mentored an estimated 15,000 students at Summit Ministries in Manitou Springs, Colo.

In those summer seminars (and elsewhere at universities nationwide as well as on TV), the smiling and boyishly handsome professor taught students about the First Amendment and “fought fiercely to preserve the right to free speech for every American,” Summit leaders wrote last week. “He was a soldier and a friend who was bold, committed to truth, and deeply invested in his students’ success. Because of his stand for human life, untold numbers of babies have been saved. Because of his stand for free speech, many freedoms that were being lost have been strengthened.”

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