A third of practicing Christians haven’t watched online services during pandemic

A third of practicing Christians haven’t watched online services during pandemic by Jennifer Lee  for Christian Today

GNN Note – This is not a bad thing – church is suppose to bring us together with Leadership that is following Jesus Christ, not Cesar. Cesar says we can not gather together but Jesus Christ says we must gather together in His name. The church we now attend has stated, publicly, we will never go back to lockdown. Churches, and church leaders, should be “cultural leaders” not dutiful slaves of tyrannical laws.


A third of practising Christians haven’t tuned in to online services during the coronavirus pandemic, new research by Barna reveals.

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Broken down by age, the survey – of adult American Christians – discovered that half of practicing Millennials hadn’t attended church in the last four weeks.

They were far more likely to skip services in the past month than older Gen X Christians (35%) and Baby Boomer churchgoers (26%).

“Though younger generations might be more accustomed to digital routines and innovations, their tenuous relationship with institutions seems to persist during this era of digital church,” Barna said.

“These trends highlight the importance of churches continuing to reach out to and disciple the next generation, especially those who are seemingly falling away during the pandemic.”

The research suggested that many Christians enjoyed the freedom of trying out different churches digitally during lockdown, as a third (34%) said they had watched a service at a church other than their own in the previous four weeks.

Around one in five (18%) said they had watched worship services from multiple different churches in the last month.

But for all the church hopping, their loyalties appear to lie with their home church as only 14% said they had switched churches during the pandemic.

Just over half (53%) were happy to stream their own church’s online service within the past four weeks.

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