Where Was Everyone?

Where Was Everyone? by KEN JOSEPH JR. for Charisma News

The Supreme Court decision suddenly came over TV. The Louisiana abortion case had been defeated 5-4. The most important decision protecting life in the president’s term, defeated. Once again, Justice Roberts—whom many believe is being blackmailed into voting against his conscience—cast the deciding vote.

I immediately got ready, expecting to join hundreds of people protesting the terrible decision. Within a few minutes I came up behind the Supreme Court, a bit puzzled not to hear anything, as there normally would be shouting that rang across the back of the Supreme Court. As I turned the corner to face the Supreme Court, minutes after the decision came down, I was hit with an unbelievable scene. To the right were a mob of the media, cameras, staff and lights, but on the steps of the Supreme Court was … no one.

I couldn’t believe it. I must be missing something.

I walked up to the media and asked them. They said, “Oh, there were a couple people here a few minutes ago, but nobody now.”

With tears in my eyes, I tried to take it in. The Supreme Court was ruling on a Louisiana law that simply requires that any doctor working at an abortion clinic have admitting privileges to a hospital in case there is an emergency with a mother or child. Amazingly, the Court ruled against the law. It was the most important decision for the defense of life. At the very least, I assumed there would be a large crowd to celebrate the victory.

Of course we understand the terrible COVID-19 pandemic, but not more than two days earlier, I stood in front of the Lincoln Monument a few minutes away, behind the Supreme Court, to watch as Black Lives Matters protesters organized, motivated and mobilized hundreds of mostly young, white women to demand the taking down of the statue of Lincoln freeing the slaves. The contrast could not be greater!

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