How to Overcome Laziness

How to Overcome Laziness by Paul H for Survival Blog

I understand that there are people who suffer from a variety of health-related issues that sap them of their strength and energy. Seek medical attention for these symptoms. Most of us, however, suffer from old-fashioned laziness. These suggestions are for those of us who are… lazy.

I would have written this years ago, but… I’m lazy. So this comes from the perspective of a lifelong practitioner and subject matter expert.

As a child I always figured the easy way out of most everything, especially school work. I would put assignments off until the very last minute and then throw something together. I was smart enough to get by but occasionally I’d be embarrassed. Not embarrassed enough to change my behavior, just embarrassed. I’ll empty the trash… later. I’ll mow, pick up my room, walk the dog… later. I graduated 434th in my high school class of 435. Go figure…

I also got in the habit of never finishing anything I started. It’s easy to get started, but it takes character and resolve to finish most any project. Quitting is a symptom of laziness.


Things began to change when I became a Christian at age 18. As I read through the book of Proverbs in the Bible, it began to dawn on me that I more resembled the fool than the wise man. Ouch… I was the fool. But until we come to grips with reality, change for the better will not likely occur. Part of that realization was that laziness was not only occasionally embarrassing, it was harmful and therefore sinful.

A curious thing I have noticed over my past 45 years as a believer, is how few mentions of this all too common character malady there are in sermons. Oh maybe an honorable mention here and there, but almost never head-on and at length. I had to search YouTube for an example of an entire sermon dealing with this topic.

There was one exception to this and that was an old fashioned preacher I sat under for the first several years after becoming a Christian who would rant and rave about quitting. He hated quitters and communicated that very clearly. He had an expectation that his hearers would stop sinful/undesirable behavior and begin to live a new life after placing their faith in Christ’s sacrifice on our behalf. Not all that common anymore. That made a lasting impression along with gradually recalibrating my decision making to align with the instruction manual (The Bible). I eventually decided that this issue in my life needed to change… later. That’s right, the problem itself prevented speedy resolution. However, God is patient and progress was made…gradually.

And so for the last 45 years I’ve been chipping away… It’s a process, not an event.

In regards to preparing for certain unseen events that may or may not occur, the principles are universally applicable. Sloth in preparing will lead to an undesirable outcome. Laziness in any part of our lives, whether it is our job, relationships, finances, education, spiritual life, prepping, etc… will cost us a price we will ultimately be unwilling to pay. But pay we will. Consequences can be positive or negative. We cannot control everything, but we can do something.


Here are some very practical suggestions that have helped me and that I hope will be helpful to you.

  • Ya gotta get tough and make a decision. I’m not going to keep doing this anymore! Say it out loud!!! See Bob Newhart: Just Stop it!
  • Stop deciding whether or not you “feel” like doing something. If it needs to be done, then “decide” to do it. Nobody brushes their teeth because they “feel” like it. They do it because it needs to be done. This is huge! “Decide” instead of “feel” your way through decisions. All of them…
  • Make a list, keep it realistic, and then attack it. Mark off what you have completed and develop an appetite for “accomplishment”. This is big. Really big.

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