Black Police Officer Educates ‘Woke’ White Protester: ‘America Has a Sin Problem’

Black Police Officer Educates ‘Woke’ White Protester: ‘America Has a Sin Problem’ By  for Faith Wire

A white Black Lives Matter activist got into a heated argument with a group of black and white police officers in Washington, D.C., this week, accusing one cop of racism and of being a liar after he told her he is married to a black woman.

“That doesn’t mean that you’re not racist, sir, just because you have one black friend or a black wife,” she charged. “You can still be racist. It has nothing to do with your acquaintances.”

Soon thereafter, one of the black police officers chimed in, telling the protester he and his fellow officers are trying to have “a conversation” with her, but she has a “one-track mind,” so there is “no point” in continuing to talk because she would have to be willing to hear other perspectives.

The unnamed protester continued berating the cops, telling them only white people can be “systemically” racist.

“If it doesn’t fit your agenda, you don’t want to hear it,” one of the officers said.

She then shifted, telling the black police officers she doesn’t believe their white colleague is actually married to a black woman. In response, one of the cops asked: “Why would you assume that because he’s white, he can’t have a black wife?”

Before the conversation devolved entirely, one of the black officers was able to point out a biblical truth to the angry demonstrator.

He explained to her that the root of the problem in the U.S. and elsewhere isn’t racism, but sinfulness in general.

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