The power-hungry elitists that want to control and enslave humanity have already let us know that they will not be stopping. They will initiate crisis after crisis until they get the New World Order. The only way out is to disobey, and do not consent to your own enslavement.

“They are messing with deliveries and food supplies,” says Richie. “Be ready.” Richie’s message is to not consent.  We’ve been saying that from day one since the lockdowns started. If you can’t simply disobey an order to destroy your own life, you’ll make a perfect citizen of the New World Order.  It’s coming.  Whether we like it or not.  Be prepared, and leave the system, and do not acquiesce to power.

By “leave the system” we mean to leave the central banking system and never submit to microchipping or vaccines. Stop tolerating human rights violations because a politician you voted for is committing them. Stop submitting to other humans when they demand it. That’s all they are. Humans, like you and me.  They have not authority over your life that you don’t have over theirs.

Richie from Boston wrote a poem, and it needs to be shared:

Make your own choices, and decide for yourself what’s right and moral. Usually, using a quick critical thinking exercise will get you to examine your current beliefs and whether or not they are yours, to begin with, let alone moral. Challenge yourself, and rise above. Wake up and realize no one has a higher authority over your life than you:

Examining our ability or willingness to consent is a difficult first step and it’s so uncomfortable, many won’t even take it. Yet, until you see the power of mental manipulation done to humanity to get them to reject their own morals in order to be subservient to the ruling class, it will be tough to “disobey” or “not consent.”

The most important preparation you can make right now is to prepare your mind because this is a war for it. Some call it a “spiritual war,” which could also be accurate, but nonetheless, they (those who want to rule over you) require your consent (and they know this), or the entire thing crumbles and we are left in peace and freedom. It’s time to wake up and remove the mental chains.

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