The World Is Praying for America. Thank You.

The World Is Praying for America. Thank You. by J. LEE GRADY for Charisma News

Over the past two decades, I’ve spent much of my time overseas. I’ve visited 40 countries so far, and I keep going back to some of the same nations because I’ve built close friendships with people from Asia, Africa, Europe and Latin America. My travel has been restricted during the pandemic, but not one day goes by when I don’t speak with at least a dozen overseas friends.

So when a Minnesota policeman tragically murdered George Floyd last week in Minnesota, and peaceful protests quickly turned violent, I urgently asked my international friends to pray for us. We can’t handle this crisis alone. We need our brothers and sisters worldwide to hold up our arms.

Within two hours I received responses from people from almost 30 nations. In spite of all our national sins, our institutionalized racism and our foreign policy blunders, I could see that people around the world still love America. I cried when I read prayers posted by Christians from as far away as Sri Lanka, Kyrgyzstan, India, Kenya, Uganda, Malawi, Romania, Nigeria, Bolivia, Australia, Mauritius and Malaysia.

When I asked my friends to pray for the United States, I shared these four simple points. I’m sharing these requests today, hoping that more people will join us:

  1. Pray that the United States will repent for years of racism and cruelty to minorities. Many African Americans feel frustrated and ignored, especially after the senseless murder of George Floyd on May 25. We are grieving for his family and grieving for our own shameful legacy of racial inequality. These kinds of incidents happen almost regularly in our country, and African Americans feel hopelessly vulnerable to mistreatment. The injustice must end.
  1. Pray that God would restore peace in our streets. Many people began protesting the killing of George Floyd last week. These protests were originally intended to honor Floyd’s life and to call government leaders to enact justice swiftly. Peaceful protests are helpful because they give people an opportunity to express their anger and pain. But other protesters infiltrated the marches who seemed more interested in looting buildings and burning down stores. Entire communities are now traumatized by acts of destruction.

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