Happy are the Harassed (Podcast)

Happy are the Harassed Podcast by Pastor John MacArthur for Grace to You

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I think it’s very fitting tonight that we’ve had a especially good time in fellowship.  I think that’s something we really need as Christians.  We’ve shared together.  We’ve laughed together.  We’ve just had a great time.  That’s as it should be.

Somebody was saying to me earlier tonight at our 5:00 prayer time that since she’s become a Christian, she finds that she loves to be with Christians so much.  She is so enriched in the fellowship of the believers.  She so longs for that fellowship that she had never known in her life.  When she goes back to fellowshipping with the world, there is something terribly missing, and she expressed the fact that she was afraid, when she was among certain situations with unbelievers.  She never thought she’d ever have such a fear, and she really articulated some of the things that are on my heart to say to you tonight.

We rejoice in our fellowship; there is no question about that.  It’s fantastic.  It’s rewarding.  It’s enriching.  It’s thrilling, and we so need this, but there is another side of it.  There is that side that is right outside these great, big stone walls.  We have to go home to families where mom or dad or brothers or sisters don’t know Jesus Christ or husbands or wives or sons or daughters, or we’ve got to go to schools where we meet people who don’t know Jesus Christ or go to jobs that have the same problem or go back to our neighborhood where we face the reality of unsaved people all around us.  And that’s the other side, isn’t it?

And this should never be a retreat for us.  This should always be a fuel stop so that we can go out and boldly see God work through us in the midst of the world.  I think that’s really what the Lord wants to say to us tonight.  Let’s go back to Matthew chapter 5 and look again at the Beatitudes.  This will be our last message, Lord willing, on the Beatitudes, and I want to just read them to you again, and then we’ll move right into what we have to say tonight.

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