Spontaneous Worship | Jonathan and Melissa Helser & Cageless Birds | Amanda Cook

Spontaneous Worship | Jonathan and Melissa Helser & Cageless Birds | Amanda Cook

At the beginning of the Covid Crisis, before our home state of NC issued a Stay at Home order, we felt the urgency to gather together – to worship, sing and pray over our nation and the nations of the world. Our only agenda was to get Heaven’s perspective and the mind of the Lord for this moment in time.

We didn’t come with a set list or a group of written songs to sing.

We took a few hours in the Helser’s living room and sang over homes, families, hearts and minds. We played and prophesied through our instruments – because as musicians, we believe that this changes the atmosphere.

Our desire is that this FILLS your home with home, releases faith and propels you to contend for your communities and families as we all wait for breakthrough. These are spontaneous songs – our prayers and heart for this hour. We are praying for you and believing for Faith to RISE in these days.

Timeline :
0:00 – “The Lord is My Light” – Jonathan
10:10 – “You Reign…” – Jonathan
15:30 – “Christ Before Me (St. Patrick’s Prayer)” – Luke
20:43 – “I Remember that You Reign” – Phyllis
26:16 – “I Bow in Adoration” – Jonathan
29:10 – “Cover All the Earth” – Jonathan
30:44 – Prayer for the Nations
35:00 – “Never Alone” – Amanda
40:28 – + ‘NEVER ALONE’ Poem by Strahan Coleman
43:28 – Interlude – Molly
48:17 – “Your Love is Enough for Me” – Molly
52:27 – “It’s Enough” – Amanda
57:37 – “Your Love Set the Table” – Chris
1:00:18 – “DELIGHT” – Chris
1:06:07 – “Sound Mind” – Melissa
1:17:00 – “Be Still” – Amanda
1:21:51 – “Sleep Well” – Amanda
1:22:54 – “Selah” – Phyllis
1:27:13 – “Amen” – Amanda

“I have not given you a spirit of fear, but of power, love and a sound mind” – 2 Timothy 1:7

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