In Thick of COVID-19 Crisis, We Need to Rediscover Jesus for All He Is Right Now

In Thick of COVID-19 Crisis, We Need to Rediscover Jesus for All He Is Right Now byDAVID BRYANT for Charisma News

GNN Note – We need to live our lives in the true Christ identity. What is your Christ identity?


Right now, the thoughts of most Americans—including a majority of Christians—are preoccupied with pandemics, paychecks, politics, and prospects for the future.

We ask: Is the virus coming for me next? How will I be able to put food on the family table? Who is best qualified to lead us out of this nightmare? Will life ever return to “normal”?

Surely, there is no better time for believers to pursue a fresher, larger, more dynamic, more magnificent, more hope-filled vision of the greatness and glory of our Redeemer Savior than right now!

At this moment, should we not be praying in a thousand different ways the opening words of this world-famous Celtic hymn: “Be THOU my vision, O Lord of my heart”?

In the face of this crisis, Ephesians 4 reassures us: When Jesus ascended on high, he did so “in order to fill the whole universe”—as well as your heart—with his reign. Right now, on Heaven’s throne, King Jesus is actively at work—flooding this hour with healing for our diseases, victories for our worst fears, sovereignty over our political processes, and glorious promises that the best is yet to come.

How many of us would welcome an opportunity to explore and experience more of the glories of our Savior in this challenging hour? Well, The CHRIST TODAY Podcast with David Bryant (now reaching its 100th episode) is a brand-new resource the Holy Spirit is using to do just that with tens of thousands of your fellow Christians.

Gain new eyes for Jesus. See Jesus as perhaps you’ve never seen him before as David Bryant shares personally from his nearly fifty years of teaching about the supremacy of God’s Son and the practical ways this vision can revive your soul, set your heart on fire, and take you on an exciting journey with Jesus—starting today.

The first seventy 30-minute episodes begin your adventure under the banner “YOU and the Supremacy of Christ.” The current series of episodes goes a step further, looking at “YOU and the Coming Christ Awakening.”

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