TCT: Riots Across America

TCT: Riots Across America by Rory for The Daily Coin

Once again Tucker Carlson proves why his ratings are head and shoulders above his competition. With his “pulling no punches” style of delivering the truth regarding the events of the day Mr Carlson is one of the few voices of reason to be found in corporate media.

Not only does Tucker Carlson call out the filth that is the members of Operation Mockingbird media he calls out the politicians at every level – local, state and federal and both sides of the aisle – left and right. All are guilty of abandonment and derelict in their responsibilities to the American people.

Victor Davis Hanson makes an appearance to help calm nerves and deliver more truth about what is happening with the riots, looting and burning of our cities.

Another reason to respect Mr Carlson is the fact that he not only tells the truth but he provides the video, documents or other supporting material for his argument. He doesn’t simply scream “racism”, or whatever argument he is making, without having specific, variable evidence to support his stance. He provides tons of evidence to support each of the points he makes during this show.

The first 40 minutes are commercial free so we are blessed with a great conversation that goes uninterrupted.

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