A Product of Corporatism…

A Product of Corporatism… by Rory for The Daily Coin

When people are fed garbage for the first 10-15 years of their life it makes the next 10-15 years a bit of challenge. Those of us that are a little older and actually witnessed the transition of the education system from the inside can absolutely see what has happened and how the millennial generation and Y Generation are experiencing a mass divide.

Within these two generations, and to a large degree Gen X is already showing signs of mass divide, the picture becomes clearer ever single day. The people that grew up in stable homes, caring parents and a sense of family are doing really well. If you know any young people, between ages of about 28 to 40 it is very, very obvious the people coming from stable homes and the ones railroaded by the system. Of course there are exceptions and this is a generalized statement and you are certainly welcome to dispute and show evidence to the contrary. In the meantime, homeschoolers and children of parents that care are the ones rising while the others are falling short of their potential.

Take the young lady in the video below for example. While, from all indications, she came from a household of some means – she ain’t from the poor neighborhood as her complexion can attest. This does not mean she is from a stable family, that cares about her, shows her love or helped her along in school. While on the other hand, the language she uses, foul to say the least, is from her education attained through TV, music and the so-called entertainment industry. Schools, especially public schools, can destroy entire communities without lifting a finger. These facilities can also lift very high entire communities by lifting every finger.

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Is it pain that we see? Is it, literally, a cry for help that we see? Is it entirely too much TV, too much liberal propaganda from the schools she’s attended or is it something else altogether that’s on display? I have no idea, but I will say a prayer of healing for her and her family.

If she makes it to age 40-45, hopefully, someone will show her this video and maybe, just maybe, it will stir something in her that doesn’t exist today.

Language alert.

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