How Spirit-Filled Christians Can Get Involved in Politics God’s Way

How Spirit-Filled Christians Can Get Involved in Politics God’s Way by STEPHEN STRANG for Charisma News

There’s an alarming dichotomy in the United States today. Many seem to believe that Christians’ faith shouldn’t influence their politics, and as a result, many pulpits are silent when it comes to political issues that the Bible clearly talks about.

That’s why Ryan Howard is starting a movement to help Christians engage political issues but in a godly way. And in fact, Howard is running for the Iowa State House to show exactly how it can be done.

Howard is the founder of Faith at Work, a ministry that equips believers to live out their faith in the workplace. He blogs and podcasts about Faith at Work at his website, It was his experience with Faith at Work that caused Howard to realize that just as Christians need to bring Jesus into the marketplace, so they also need to bring Him into the political arena.

“[Faith and politics] are always seen as separate things in America, and that’s not really a biblical concept for Christians, especially in America,” he tells me on my podcast. “… I’ve been engaged with local issues a lot and helping nonprofits and getting funding to the right places and really helping people out in this area. And I see, as I look in the Bible, people of God influencing governments, from within government and from outside government, advising governments—all kinds of examples from the Old Testament all the way through to the New Testament. They are speaking truth to power.”

Howard says God even designed government, so why should Christians shy away from it? If you look at how God set up the nation of Israel, you see His handiwork in setting authorities and officials in place, including judges. And in Romans 13:1, Paul says that “there is no authority except from God.”

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