‘GO 2020:’ Global Movement Aims to Reach 1 Billion on Pentecost Sunday

‘GO 2020:’ Global Movement Aims to Reach 1 Billion on Pentecost Sunday by John Jessup for CBN News

Christians around the world are preparing to participate in a global outreach on Pentecost Sunday, with the goal of sharing the Gospel to one billion people.

The ambitious effort is an offshoot of Global Outreach Day, called “GO2020,” whose aim is to spark another wave of new disciples like the very first Pentecost more than 2,000 years ago.

This year’s focus goes beyond salvation. Organizers are also asking for God to intervene in the midst of the crisis.

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With so many struggling with the instability brought on by the Coronavirus pandemic, they believe the time is ripe to share the message of Christ and reap a harvest of souls.

Organizers say they will meet their goal of sharing the Gospel with one billion people if every Christian believer reaches just five people in his or her social circles.

The five-week movement culminates on the Saturday before Pentecost Sunday with an inspirational online program called “Stories of Hope,” hosted by Andrew and Wendy Palau from The Luis Palau Association.

On Thursday’s 700 Club, Andrew told host Pat Robertson about the Palau team’s part in the GO2020 effort.

“We’re known for festivals and unified city outreaches. For now, we’re rescheduled these in this situation and we’re turning our attention to this incredible moment of opportunity that we probably will never see again in our lifetime – a heightened receptivity to the Gospel. So “Stories of Hope” is a culmination of the GO2020 energy in the month of May,” he said.

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