Unmasking the Virus

Unmasking the Virus by  Susan Claire Potts, Ph.D. for The Remnant

It was Friday. My husband and I were sitting at the table, eating clam chowder and tuna melts when the alarms on our smartphones blasted through the house. The little flip phone I use for actual conversations beeped, then sent an ominous text: Emergency Alert. Imminent threatEmergency. Over and over the terrifying words crawled across the tiny screen.

Had we been bombed? Was there a tornado? No, it was nothing like that. It was Gretchen Whitmer, the governor of Michigan. The noise stopped. Her disembodied voice filled the kitchen: The stay-at-home lockdown had been extended for two more weeks.

That was it? I was furious. How dare she misuse the emergency signal to issue her latest decree! Every single phone in Michigan was sounding an alert at the same time.  No matter what anyone was doing, no one could avoid it; no one could escape the imperious command. Our phones weren’t even turned on! Why would she do that?

This is not only about disease. It has a lot to do with words and psychological manipulation. Something nefarious is going on here, and the virus is a convenient means to an end.susan potts quote 1

The disease is real, obviously. Some people die. Some people become very sick. No one disputes that. As our pastor once said, People die, you know. … But people have gone way beyond taking normal precautions to protect their health. They’ve been pushed into a panic. Headlines scream; newscasters look funereal.

We’ve passed the 60,000 mark! A million cases!

Sure, that sounds terrifying, but take a step back. Look at the number of deaths in America from any cause. That will keep those figures in perspective.

  • The United States population is over 326,000,000.
  • Nearly 2,800,000 Americans die every year from something (not counting those killed by abortion).
  • Every 12 seconds a person dies. That’s five a minute. 300 an hour. While you take a shower or drink your coffee or balance your checkbook, somebody is dying.
  • Over 7000 people die a day in our country. Every single day.

Why the hysteria? They say it’s very contagious. Well, so are hepatitis-A, viral pneumonia, and bacterial meningitis. So are strep throat, ringworm, giardiasis. Maybe they should figure out how to test everyone every day to make sure no one can infect anyone with anything. Maybe they can forestall death that way.

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