Viral YouTubers Credit God for Their Stunning Success: ‘The Lord Just Took It to New Levels’

Viral YouTubers Credit God for Their Stunning Success: ‘The Lord Just Took It to New Levels’ By  for Faith Wire News

Faith is the driving force for five guys who went viral for perfecting all kinds of crazy trick-shots.

The Dude Perfect group — Tyler Toney, Garrett Hilbert, Cory Cotton, Coby Cotton, and Cody Jones — were an accidental success. In fact, they never sought out to be a YouTube sensation, hosting a channel with more than 50 million subscribers, but here they are. And they give God all the glory for their success.

“Faith is really the underlying principle and theme behind everything Dude Perfect does,” Tyler said in the group’s recently released documentary, “Dude Perfect: Backstage Pass.”

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It really was an inadvertent victory for the five men. In fact, after graduating from Texas A&M University, a few of the guys got “real” jobs, because recording themselves pulling off trick-shots — no matter how impressive they were — just didn’t seem like the right way for grown men to pay the bills.

They kept making videos on the side as they could, and their following continued to grow, and grow, and grow. When all the guys saw how successful their videos actually were, they decided — with the support of their wives — to go all in on the YouTube thing.

“The minute we all went all in, the thing just exploded,” Cody said.

“The Lord just took it to new levels,” Garrett added. “Deals just started flooding in. … It was like, ‘Boom, quit [your other job]. This is what you were called to do. Do it.’”

Now that they all live in the same area, the guys have devoted themselves to making viral content. While they don’t share the Gospel in every video they post, it’s not difficult to learn about their faith. In the “about” section of the Dude Perfect website, it says their “ultimate goal is to glorify Jesus Christ in everything that we do.”

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