My Soul Sings (Video)

My Soul Sings Video by House Fires

I’ve seen Your goodness on the mountain
I’ve felt Your love in the valley
And Your grace still surrounds me
God You’ve been good to me
You’ve been good to me .

My soul sings
My soul sings
With all my heart
I love You Lord
You’re my first love
You’re my reward
And through the years
You’ve been good to me
So good to me, so good to me

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Verse 2:
I have breath inside my body
And I have life inside my bones
And I cannot help but praise You
God You’ve been good to me
Yes You’ve been good to me

And I’m dancing on the rising sun
To the hopeful future
To the dreams to come
And when seasons change
I won’t give up
‘Cause You’ve never failed me
No not once

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