‘It’s Time to Stand Up for Liberty’: Pastor Calls for Wave of US Churches to ‘Peaceably Gather’ This Sunday

‘It’s Time to Stand Up for Liberty’: Pastor Calls for Wave of US Churches to ‘Peaceably Gather’ This Sunday from CBN NEWS via Charisma News

GNN Note – I would go so far to say it is way, way past time to get back to our houses of worship on Sunday morning, Wednesday evening, Saturday night or whenever your church meets. It’s time to stand up to these mini-tyrants and exercise our God given rights.

My stance is as follows – the church closes to my house that opens first will be the church I attend going forward.


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A wave of churches across the country will open for in-person services this Sunday, May 17. It’s part of an effort called “Peaceably Gather Sunday” in which congregations look to strike a middle ground when it comes to balancing health and safety against the coronavirus and worshipping without restrictions.

Megachurch Pastor Brian Gibson says HIS Church, with locations in Owensboro, Kentucky, and Amarillo, Texas, will open this Sunday and is inviting other churches to join them.

“Our Constitution guarantees freedom of religion and the right to assemble peacefully. By signing the petition, you pledge that you will exercise these sacred rights on Sunday, May 17th for Peaceably Gather Sunday. Your church will be open, and will welcome all healthy people in your communities to attend and physically participate in services,” the Peaceably Gather website reads.

First Liberty Institute, a religious rights law firm, is also supporting the effort.

“Churches are in all different areas of the country and thus under different state laws or orders as well as different levels of cases of COVID-19. Each church should review their own local and state situation before making any decisions. If they have any questions or concerns, we encourage them to contact First Liberty Institute, the largest non-profit law firm in the country specializing in religious freedom. Their services will be provided to you free of charge,” the website reads.

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