Pastor Sees Awakening: ‘There’s a Hunger, Thirst for God’s Presence Right Now’

Pastor Sees Awakening: ‘There’s a Hunger, Thirst for God’s Presence Right Now’ by SHAWN A. AKERS for Charisma News

As the pastor of New Life Church in Colorado Springs, Colorado, Brady Boyd’s life and ministry have been disrupted by COVID-19 as much as anyone’s. But, he says, there is some good that has come from the pandemic.

Boyd says has seen a rekindling of the passion for God among His people during the lockdown, and he believes it will continue to grow when everything “returns to normal.”

“There is an awakening, a hunger and thirst for the presence of God right now,” Boyd told Dr. Steve Greene on a recent episode of Greenelines on the Charisma Podcast Network. “Growing up in Louisiana, my dad always used to say that rain was beneficial, even in the middle of a storm. And I think that we’re feeling the storm clouds, but in the middle of this storm, there is some real beneficial spiritual rain that’s falling on our nation and our world right now. And that’s encouraging to me.

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“This has proven to be a catalytic moment for what I believe is the beginning of a great spiritual awakening. My pastor friends around the nation are all saying the same thing, that people are tuning into these online services like never before. As a quick report, last Wednesday night, we have, as we always do, a one-hour prayer meeting at our church that we broadcast live. We had about 130,000 people log in and reach us. That’s insane. I mean, normally we’ll have, when we open the building, 1,000 to 1,500 people show up. But to have 130,000 people online like that …

“We need to keep our heads up and look forward because God is about to do a new thing. I’m not so sure that we’re going to want to go back to the old normal. The new normal, in some ways, is going to be a blessing for all of us. Now that we’re having to sit together and listen to the message, moms and dads are taking back the mantle of spiritual leadership that maybe gave way to a youth pastor or a children’s pastor or a senior pastor. Now that they’ve taken that responsibility and are praying, these families are worshipping together more than ever. They are putting their hands on each other and anointing one another and praying over each other. To me that is a beautiful thing because the home is where God has always intended to do His best work. The power of the home should spill into the church and then out into the world.”

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