Best Inflation Resistant Assets To Buy – Before It Gets Worse

Best Inflation Resistant Assets To Buy – Before It Gets Worse by  for Modern Survival Blog

Inflation is pretty much a built-in part of our current economic system. Every dollar that comes into existence is borrowed from somewhere – eventually leading up to the ‘Federal Reserve’ – a private entity which collects interest on ALL U.S. dollars.

Since more dollars are always coming into the system (the system would actually collapse without this) there is a sort of built-in inflation. For various and sometimes complicated reasons, some periods of our history (and no doubt our future) involve even higher inflation (than ‘normal’).

The effects of this include a more rapid erosion of the dollar’s value or purchasing power while the effective prices of things go higher.

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The Federal Reserve tries to control inflation (the devaluation of the dollar) in context with the economics of the times. One might say that they are actually manipulating it.

Because there is SO MUCH debt now (everywhere), ‘they’ have to keep interest rates (the price of borrowing money) and inflation under especially tight control or else the whole thing goes bankrupt (debt defaults?).

In fact rates have been lowered all around the world to near zero (and negative!). Why? To keep the charade going – to keep the borrowing going – propping it all up.

The question is how long will they be able to control it all, given the gargantuan debt? How long will others buy our debt when rates are essentially (almost) zero here right now? “Full faith and credit” and all that? Ya-right…


This blog post originally published during 2017 (as you can see from the comments dated below) when I asked the question to our readers about inflation resistant assets.

However I am re-publishing today because I have a feeling that we’re about to see inflation (currency devaluation) which may be devastating for many people.

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