Where is God in a coronavirus world?

Where is God in a coronavirus world? from Christian Today 

With the coronavirus pandemic causing so much uncertainty, fear and difficulty, many could be wondering: where is God?

Oxford mathematics professor John Lennox has written a short book attempting to answer that very question.

In Where is God in a Coronavirus World?, Professor Lennox seeks to move beyond the soundbites and help people make sense of why a loving God would allow something like Covid-19, and where He is in the midst of it all.

He speaks to Christian Today about his view on the pandemic and why there are no easy answers but lots of reasons to keep believing.

CT: What drove you to write a book tackling such a big question about God and the coronavirus, which is so difficult to answer?

Professor Lennox: It was the fact that I’m a mathematician and I know something about exponential growth. I could see that the virus would go round the world so fast that people were going to become very uncertain and fearful. I felt that perhaps I could make a little contribution by trying to write something to help people move beyond simplistic answers.

CT: The question that the book poses is very complex. Do you think that as Christians, we can be guilty of doing just that, looking for simplistic answers or quick soundbites rather than digging into what are really difficult subjects?

Professor Lennox: Yes. There are no easy answers because the problem of pain and evil – moral evil, the bad things that people do to each other, and natural evil, tsunamis, earthquakes and viruses – these are the hardest problems that all of us have to face whatever our worldview. We have to find our way in gradually, rather than think we’re going to come up with easy one-liners.

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