A “Second Wave” Is Coming . . . And They’re Going To Blame It On YOU

A “Second Wave” Is Coming . . . And They’re Going To Blame It On YOU Video by Corbett Report

GNN Note – If you follow the King of kings, if you want a future that will allow you to worship Jesus Christ out in the open – on Sunday at church – now is the time to pay attention and stand up.

We possess – repeat, POSSESS – God given rights, and the people attempting to run our world, steal our wealth and lock us up want us to hand over our God given rights and keep quiet. Will you comply or will you speak up and speak out for your children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren, because this is what’s a stake right now.


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A “second wave” is coming . . . and they’re going to blame it on YOU. Today James talks to Monica Perez and Brad Binkley of ThePropReport.com about their analysis of the “second wave” narrative and how it is going to play out in the unfolding covid crisis.

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