OK, Let’s Talk Immunity

OK, Let’s Talk Immunity By Peter Tocci for Natural Blaze

Human immune function is awe-inspiring – so complex and anatomically dispersed, yet wholly integrated operationally, that any implication of full understanding is mere posture. But there seem to be physiological and philosophical questions underlying a common, but controversial, immune-related medical Rx.

Anatomically speaking, there is no ‘immune system’ as in digestive system, for example, or respiratory. Several anatomical systems possess immune function. Of these, the digestive, especially the intestines and their bacterial population, are key. The ‘system’ exists only in the wondrous cross-communication and coordination among immunity components of the various anatomical systems.

One key function is identifying what is benign or harmful (often described as recognizing “self” from “non-self”). But it’s also an elegant janitorial and recycling service.

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‘Alternative’ health practitioners have long known what conventional medical science has finally acknowledged (and is taking credit for discovering). The bacteria native to our intestines are foundational to health. This includes immune coordination and modulation. “The human gut plays a huge role in immune function … This is little appreciated by people who think its only role is digestion.”

There should be 3-4 pounds of ‘friendly’ bacteria populating a healthy adult gut—10 times more individuals than the body has cells. The colony behaves so intelligently, some call it our “second brain.” Probably 75% of Americans have 25% or less (no aspersion on American brains intended 🙂 It’s called dysbiosis. For the ‘new’ science on what has long been generally known, search ‘microbiome,’ a contextual term covering all the vital microbiological populations on, in and around humans. We are not alone 🙂

In a money-power coup more than a century ago, JD Rockefeller gained control of conventional (“science-based”) medical education and practice. The problem wasn’t science per se, but ‘political’ science managed for profit. In short, medicine became symptom oriented, ignoring underlying disease conditions, such as toxicity, acid/base (pH) imbalance and dysbiosis.

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