Put Some Skin in the Game

Put Some Skin in the Game By Charlie Daniels for CNS News

I am going to do my level best to aim this column straight down the middle, glancing neither left nor right, in what the politicians in D.C. call a bipartisan fashion.

It is an attempt to circumvent personal political preferences, step around the hyperbolic, the rhetorical, and the prejudiced vendettas so firmly ingrained into our minds by media on the left and on the right.

I want to ask a question and I am not going to give my opinion, but leave it to everybody who reads this to answer, the only caveat being, that you be honest with yourself, using only your own thoughts, unclouded by the obviously tilted and verbose comments of those with a very dull axe to grind.

The question is…

If you were President of the United States, how would you have handled the coronavirus pandemic?

Let’s set an imaginary scene.

Let’s say the country is buzzing along economically, with no major military conflicts, no immediate heavy-duty problems looming on the horizon, that international prestige and relationships were in good shape, unemployment was extremely low, domestic industrial startups were proceeding at a pace not seen in decades, the stock market continued to break records, and GDP was inching into rarefied territory.

And let’s say you had large and acquiescent majorities in both houses of Congress, freeing you to do basically anything you wanted.

And like a bolt from the blue along comes coronavirus and in a matter of days it becomes obvious that this disease is so contagious and so deadly that it has the capacity to kill millions of Americans in a matter of months.

It’s never been seen before, very little is known about it, if it is passed by person-to-person contact, by lasting for days on surfaces, by being airborne, or if it’s capable of infecting the food chain or the water supply.

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