Prophecy: The Church’s Best Days Are Ahead

Prophecy: The Church’s Best Days Are Ahead by JOE JOE DAWSON for Charisma News

I recently had a series of prophetic dreams that I knew were significant. I felt a sense of urgency from the Lord not to ignore these dreams.

In each of the dreams, I was surrounded by many different people. There were people in my family, a number of my friends, and people I know from church, ministry and business. Even though I knew each of these individuals from many different places and in different ways, every single person was making plans and building for the future.

No one was sitting by or standing around. Each person was actively working toward things for their future.

We are living in an interesting time due to the current events and uncertainty in the world right now. However, during this time I have been listening to the prophetic voices more than the news. Many of the prophetic voices are saying that this time is a strategic time to draw close to the Lord, find out what God is calling each of us to do and prepare for what God will do on the other side of this season.

God is still moving and we should still be moving forward with Him. This is not a time to lose momentum or vision for the future. All of the promises and prophetic words God has given to each of us are still on the horizon. It’s important for us to use this season to resist fear and build in faith. This is a season of preparation and a time to forge ahead in anticipation of what God is going to do in the days ahead.

I believe that we will experience revival, awakening and reformation despite the current rise of fear and distraction. There is a great move of God coming to America and the nations of the earth in the days ahead that we need to be prepared for.

Don’t lose ground and don’t lose hope in this season. The best days of the church are ahead of us and I believe we will soon step into the things we have been praying about for years. Don’t allow the current situation to distract you or make you fearful. What God is about to do is so much stronger than what is happening today. The outpouring of the Holy Spirit that will take place after this will be greater than anything we are currently experiencing.

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